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Artist Profile: Laura McCullagh

9 Jan 2012 / Uncategorized

So you know how I’m all for pimping new talent, right?

Well, step into my blog-office and let me introduce you to Laura McCullagh.

For the last few months I’ve been working with Laura on Your LMG related stuff, but the other day for the first time, I sat down and took a look through her online portfolio.

Jaw. On. The. Floor.

Not only is this lady a great photographer with a very distinct style and quality to her snaps, but she’s also an animator, having created a few gorgeous videos that you can browse through on her site. But that’s not all – she also paints and draws exquisitely. Some of her paintings have a spooky, introspective quality to them which I’m completely in love with, especially the ones under people/portraits.

Needless to say this lady is not simply a photographer, she’s a consummate artist and she has a great career ahead of her. Believe it.

Browse some of her live photography below and follow her on Facebook.