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Kieron Brown Takes On Kendall Jones

21 Jul 2014 / Interview / written by Tecla Ciolfi

At the beginning of this month I signed a very strongly worded petition to ban Texan-born Kendall Jones from hunting in Africa. Now this subject matter is not the norm for my site, but I feel so strongly about Capetonian musician Kieron Brown’s cause that I could not let an opportunity to support his petition pass me by.

The WWF recently launched their new anti-poaching campaign with the slogan “Stop One. Stop Them All”, accompanied by some pretty jarring posters.

WWF Stop One Stop Them All

Kieron’s petition, which has received over 150 000 signatures to date, is the literal manifestation of the WWF’s slogan and I was keen to find out a little more about his foray against the cheerleader’s actions in Africa.

Texx: How did you come to learn of Kendall and her hunting escapades through Africa?
Kieron Brown: Like a lot of people that have come across her page and such, it just popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, consistently too. It’s a little odd that it caught my attention to this degree, because social media is filled with all sorts of “do good” type posts. I guess this one just struck a nerve, raised a few questions.

TX: What were some of the first thoughts that went through your mind when you saw the pictures of her posing in front of the dead/tranquilised animals?
KB: I didn’t like it, not one bit. There is not one thing in the composition of any of her media that pleases me in the slightest. With a tranquilized animal I can definitely understand, if it’s for practices such as tagging and Green Hunts. But I don’t understand how somebody can want to promote a sense of conservation, and then publicize herself standing with a victory pose and a rifle over a dead version of the very species of the animal she is “trying” to save? I would assume that would constitute false, or perhaps, confusing advertising?

TX: There are a lot of false truths and facts about Africa and the amount of animals left in our wild that Kendall is feeding her followers on Facebook, how would one even begin to tackle this massive ignorance, let alone the support from her followers?
KB: Well, if anything the alarming rate at which the petition has grown is a sign that even if Kendall Jones further gets to continue what she’s doing, the awareness alone of practices like these and their ethics have no choice but to be questioned, and hopefully, re-examined. So I guess tackling a group of supporters like hers, would probably require making the option of those questions available to them, at least. You can take a horse to water, probably not make him drink, but at some point he’s gonna get thirsty, if you leave him right there to be.

TX: Some people are sceptical about the effectiveness of online petitions, what do you say to them? What do you hope to achiever with your petition?
KB: Sceptics are everywhere. I’m one, you’re one. I’m not too fazed by sceptics as I am blown away by the amount of positive support this has got. In such short time too. With enough time and support, I do hope to get Kendall banned from African states. And, if I may say so, I sure would like to get her outta my back yard first. But there’s also, as I said, the awareness that comes with campaigns like these. This very one forced me to go do some homework first, and in doing so, raised mine and a few other people’s awareness on this issue. Now we have platforms like these today that can do this with any issue, and hopefully many people realise this and learn how to use these platforms to change what it is they want changed in their street, town or country. And little by little, as humans do somewhere changes will come, for the good as they come for the band. One thing I always raise is that we are the only species on this Earth that kills for anything else other than survival, let alone enjoyment. I don’t think we should be proud of that, never mind where the money goes.

Kieron Brown is a shining example of the what the seemingly small spark of one person can ignite. What disgusts me the most about Kendall Jones is that she is operating under the banner of conservation, when in actual fact all she wants is a reality TV show to glorify her hunting escapades.

If you haven’t signed Kieron’s petition, please do so and if you already have, please share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Stop One. Stop Them All.