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myageisdigital: Ghosting

1 Jun 2015 / Opinion, Review / written by Jessica Kramer

‘Ghosting’ is the first track off myageisdigital’s, forthcoming album “SEAMS” and if the rest of the album is anything like this, I have my night-driving playlist sorted for the rest of the year.

Starting off with an appropriately dark, sci-fi/ horror feel, the song builds into an incredibly infectious alt-rock electro tune that was birthed from an out-of-body experience. Grant Sissons, the man behind myageisdigital, explains that the incident occurred at a party last year, where he felt himself outside of himself, and while watching himself have a conversation with someone, noticed how bored he looked. “The experience needed to be documented,” he explains in a “story behind the song” clip on Soundcloud.

It has been beautifully produced with a massive treasure trove of interesting, but functional sounds to discover. I listened to it over and over simply for this reason, and I heard something new every time. What sets it apart is that all of these waves of sound work together, complementing each other. It doesn’t sound crowded or overdone, which is often the case when artists try to incorporate all the cool sounds and ideas they come up with – it’s a clear sign of a mature and wise producer and artist.

Possibly one of the best new tunes I have heard this year.

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[Editor’s note: This track is currently only available upon request from the band at]