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The Wintyr: Fury

3 Dec 2015 / Opinion, Review / written by Jessica Kramer

If you’ve ever heard Evelyn Hart’s enchanting sultry voice you’ll know that it grabs a hold of you and does not easily let go, and why would you want it to? With so many levels of emotion in her range, it’s a thrilling ride to experience. The songstress has once again joined forces with long-time collaborators Brendyn Rossouw and Tristan Carmichael to form The Wintyr, and their debut album “Fury” is unlike anything I have listened to in a long time.

Synth-infused electro folk sounds carry Hart’s souring vocals through the moving tracks. Carmichael’s synth contributions give the album a cinematic feel and with Rossouw’s Japanese-inspired percussion the overall effect is captivating to say the least, ‘To The World’s End’ is a great example of this. Hart shows off her lower register juxtaposed with high pitched oriental-sounding string synths. As soon as the chorus hits, with lyrics “Until the world’s end/ I’ll look for you” the music paints a wintery, warlike scene to play host to the narrative they manage to convey so well. Throughout the album these scenes are drawn with incredible ease, while still leaving the music open for interpretation. It’s a fine line that’s hard to tread, but they’ve done a fantastic job.

Lyrically, the storytelling theme is seen throughout. ‘Knight’s Vision’, the beautiful closing track is a fairy tale told in a lullaby-like format, but the dark undertones and sombre lyrics give the song a chilling depth. The song takes a look into the dying moments of a knight, as the love of his life sits by him, comforting him as he slips away – it’s one of the most poignant songs I’ve heard.

Hart moves through her repertoire as a vocalist with incredible ease, from captivating ethereal lines to inspiring anthemic choruses and of course, the chanting Celtic themes she is well known for. Because of this, the album flows beautifully with the narrative theme reinforced by Rossouw and Carmichael’s immense talents.

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