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Jack Parow Releases ‘Thunderbolts & Lightning’ Video

He-Jack is the hero you never knew you wanted.

9 May 2016 / / written by Elmarie Kruger

He-Jack is the hero of Jack Parow’s latest animated music video for his track ‘Thunderbolts and Lightning’. As you can well imagine, the video is not your typical Saturday morning cartoon. Rather, it features Parow chanting, “O, fok die’s exciting!” while fighting a Speedo-wearing sea monster with a prominent bulge.

He-Jack, in a Transformer-like, breakdancing robot suit, gets beaten up rather badly as the video begins – but he naturally gives his opponent a taste of his own medicine. Unfortunately, the law intervenes just as the fight picks up steam and sees protagonist and antagonist joining forces.

The video is fun, sassy and tongue-in-cheek – typical Parow. The animation is quirky and eye-catching, making the video a feast for the eyes. “The song is really crazy.  Johhny de Ridder (of Soft Light City and Fokofpolisiekar) did the track and he did such a good job with it. Simon from De Likt is on the track with me and he just kills it man. I really love this track,” Parow commented and we couldn’t agree more. Watch the video below.

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