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Climate Control Release ‘Little Mess’ Video

Nothing phases Climate Control's lead singer in their latest video.

3 Jun 2016 / / written by Elmarie Kruger

Post-hardcore five-piece Climate Control have been seeking to stand out on the Joburg rock scene. The band’s latest video release for the track ‘Little Mess’ certainly drives the band into a fresh, bold new direction. Striving to accentuate the melodic aspect of their music more, ‘Little Mess’ is a track with a melancholic message, yet its downcast vocals are contrasted by bouncy guitars and a rapid drumbeat, placing the track’s melodic elements intriguingly at odds with each other.

The video is dark and simple, following lead singer Nic Gonzalez as he passively makes his way through a series of encounters with interesting characters. Talking about its core message Gonzales elaborates, “[Little Mess] explores the notion that some stars are just never meant to be aligned, even from the start. Sometimes things are too far gone to fix.”

In all its simplicity, the video still manages to relate the song’s story of a relationship gone wrong through its thought-provoking characterization. Watch the video below.

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