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Ursus & Wolf: Remix EP

An abstract collection of sound which doesn’t quite fit but always sticks.

7 Jun 2016 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Yet another musical child has been propelled forward from beneath the creative umbrella agency The Cult of Maybe, this time in the form of Capetonian hip hop duo Ursus & Wolf.

Featuring remixes of tracks from their debut offering “What Now”, the EP boasts collaboration with both Yum Yuck (Pascal Righini of the Plastics’ offshoot project) and Pretoria-based Shibule Ndhambi (Buli), amongst others.

This amalgamation of varying influences results in a wonderfully abstract project whose sound, although striking, is difficult to tie neatly in at the edges – and I have a feeling this is exactly their aim. ‘No Help’ (ft. Yum Yuck) strikes a stark parallel between Righini’s silky, tinkling synth contributions and the blunted rap verses of Ursus & Wolf. Layered vocals and ‘80s-style, distorted electronic work results in a wonderfully haphazard musical collage of sorts. Stripped down and whimsically ambient, ‘Collate’ (ft. Buli) builds a simplistic, flowing foundation beneath which Nick Trethowan’s vocals slip in and out of the limelight.

‘Floating Mirror’ juxtaposes an instrumental rock sound with a heady drum and bass progression, navigating the EP in a suddenly danceable direction, while ‘Moons Away’ boasts a blatant, bass-driven mix. Opening on a title-appropriate ethereal synth riff, dulled and effected vocals take to the forefront within seconds. The distance, space-cadet-esque opening carries through calmly as a warped baseline drops and breaks, heaving ahead.

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Listen to “Remix EP” below on Soundcloud.