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M2KaNE: The Heartist’s EP

Poetic and determined, this PE-based artist’s motive is striking to say the least.

19 Jul 2016 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

Born and bred in the humble town of East London, PE-based artist M2KaNE, on his own accord, produced, mixed and mastered his debut album “The Heartist’s EP”, released late last year. Originally part of rap crew CliQ-OteR, M2KaNE a.k.a. Mihlali Tukani’s decision to make to move to the windy city resulted in a subjectively extreme externality, notably, self-tuition and an increased sense of introspection,  the latter particularly evident on his inaugural release.

M2KaNE’s deeply meek, aggressive and confident sound is little without its intention: to display his internal perception through his music, and more specifically, to provoke rational thought. A series of these heartfelt and earnest questions are discussed throughout the record, accompanied by heavy bass lines, an assertive and passionate vocal timbre, decorative synths and quick-witted subject matter.

Opening track ‘Heartestry – The Genesis’, appropriately titled, focuses on M2KaNE’s cornerstone for the album: “Do you determine the value of your artistry through the admiration of others or do you find it in yours?” Backed by a powerful albeit monotonous chord progression throughout and dynamic-varying bass heavy synth similar in follow-up ‘Venomous’ and contrasting, relatively mellow ‘Bad Decisions’, the record’s most appealing aspect is its ability to convince and provoke.

‘300 KPH’ and ‘Problems’ both consist of juxtaposed densities surfaced by simple rhythmic patterns amongst amicable, light piano lines. A release that can be summed up as piercing, pragmatic and sensibly heartfelt.

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Listen to “The Heartist’s EP” below on Soundcloud.