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The Kiffness Release ‘You Say You Love Me’

A celebration of the Capetonian LGBT community.

1 Aug 2016 / / written by Elmarie Kruger

The Kiffness’ new video for their single ‘You Say You Love Me’ is a fun, quirky celebration of the Capetonian LGBT community. Shot in the streets of the Waterkant area, which is celebrated for being part of Cape Town’s legendary Pink Strip, when shooting wrapped the cast and crew received word about the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. Fittingly, they decided that they would dedicate the video to the victims of the senseless attack.

The track features talented vocalist Tawanna Shaunte a US-based soul singer and the video features Manila von Teez, a sassy Cape Town-based drag queen, alongside her two backup dancers Maxine Wild & Jayde Kay Johnson, who delivers an overwhelmingly inspiring performance that perfectly suits the video’s opening message: Be Proud.

“The opening words of the song ‘You say you love me, but you don’t’ ring true for many people who feel they have to pretend to be someone else for fear of what society may think of them if they were to reveal their true selves,” explains Dave Scott from The Kiffness.

With this in mind, the video’s true message shines through as an empowering one and hammers the point home that you should never be ashamed or afraid to let your true self shine. Watch the video below.

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