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Introducing Irinami

A shimmering dancefloor debut.

8 Sep 2016 / / written by Marike Watson

Meet Irinami, the latest addition to an already-rising community of pop-inspired artists circumnavigating dancefloor-friendly sounds from within and across the electronic spheres of the Mother City. Imagine slow soulful melodies backed by an animated rhythm section and place this enigmatic name in the mix – a mere pseudonym for Romanian-born Irina Buzdugan’s debut endeavour as a solo artist.

Her first official single, ‘Hold Tight’, is a shimmering inaugural offering that showcases Buzdugan’s proficiency as both a self-taught songwriter and producer. The track emanates an infectious feel-good energy that Irinami considers representative of an innocence and naivety attached to that initial spark of persistence when pursuing one’s dreams. Its varying elements of sound also reflects the myriad of genres in which Irinami has sought inspiration, presenting a sonic combination of influence that includes ’90s hip-hop, a subtle RnB flair, and jazz-like phrasing.

The single’s accompanying video, directed by Kyle Lewis, captures Irinamis’s entry into the scene in a similarly striking manner. She features as the principal subject of the camera’s eye, her face painted in colourful hues of glitter and sparkling dust that constructs a radiant kaleidoscopic picture. With the aid of a small dance crew Irinami demonstrates the ease of movement alongside the lively rave pulses throughout the track. The use of refracted strobe lighting whilst spinning off disco balls in low-key lighted settings moreover develops the invitation of dancing that ‘Hold Tight’ from the onset initiates.

The emphasis on Irinami alone enables one to remain attentive to the unique appealing nuances and range of her voice. Her introductory release is thus a well-refined coordination between audio and picture that makes for a fiery standing amongst her competitors, mapping a firm stance for herself as a bright rising talent indisputably not to be missed. Watch the video for ‘Hold Tight’ below.

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