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Francois Van Coke Releases ‘Klein Prys’ Video

The rocker releases a moving tribute to his Fokof family.

1 Dec 2016 / / written by Elmarie Kruger

With the release of his much-anticipated second solo album “Hierdie is die Lewe” set for 2 February 2017, local rock mainstay Francois van Coke has recently released a new single from the album called ‘Klein Prys’. The track acts as a tribute to the band that launched Van Coke’s career more than a decade ago: Fokofpolisiekar, or Die Bende, as he affectionately calls the group in his new video.

The video documents the band in its various stages, from budding musicians to crowd-pleasing venue-fillers. This is done by including footage from the band’s early days among footage of Van Coke in the present, walking through Bellville and recalling all the sacrifices he and his band mates have made to get where they are today.

This emotional video is sure to tug at the heartstrings of Fokof fans old and new as the video’s vocals and visuals lead them on a journey through the band’s hard days, and some of the easier ones. The footage used in the video has not been released to the public before, providing a more personalised image of the band. Watch the video below.

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