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With With Plus1 Festival

Stand a chance to win a deluxe hamper, tickets, and luxury accommodation!

30 Jan 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

There’s always a lot of fuss made around Valentine’s Day, no sooner are the Christmas decorations down before the love songs start to play. It drives some people insane while others revel in the red roses, chocolate hearts, candy and teddy bears… Most of the time no one really knows what to do with their special someone, and for the singles out there, it is always a great reason to get together with their crew, but what to do?

This year there is something exciting, new and culturally adventurous to do, and it’s bursting with all kinds of love.

The bride is contemporary Art and her groom, sexy Music, and they have chosen the picture perfect setting of La Paris Estate in Franschhoek, for the all new Plus1 Festival, taking place from the 17th to the 19th of February.

This is a Festival that embraces all those that love great music, art, a little dress up and loads of adventure to enjoy a fun filled weekend frolicking in the sun, and dancing in a valley under the stars.

The “wedding reception” will be celebrated with a craft and gourmet food market while DJs will be playing reinvented classics on their “Something Old” dam side dance floor. Those attending can expect live performances from top local acts like GoodLuck, Euphonik, Mi Casa and The Kiffness, and for the very first time in South Africa, DJ Lovebirds from Berlin will be performing to play a special set.

Sounds spectacular, right? Now the good people over at Plus1 Festival have given us the following prize package to giveaway to 1 lucky person.

  • 1 x Proposal Suite (all bedding and pillows provided along with electricity point and lighting in your tent, camping chairs, carpet and side tables)
  • 2 x Full Weekend Passes
  • 1 x MAC Cosmetics Hamper
  • 2 x Pairs of Happy Socks

To enter all you have to do is drop a comment on the bottom of this post and use “Plus1 Festival” and “Texx and the City” in a sentence together. The more creative the better. Winner will be announced and notified via email on the Friday the 10th of February.

6 responses to “With With Plus1 Festival”

  1. Zamo says:

    I’d love if my other half could go and enjoy the all new “Plus one festival” it would hopefully be the best Vday prezzie ever and I’d probably get a lot of “Texx in the city” as a thank you gift

  2. Robyn says:

    Googled ‘How to write a creative sentance’ for inspiration, primarily one should know how to spell sentence in the first place, but at least I know Plus1 Festival and Texx and the City.

  3. Lauren says:

    So this is a great way for my girlfriend (platonic!) and i to spend our “anti” valentines day. Both single, and NOT interested to mingle…but the idea of Plus 1 Festival’s arts, dress up and dancing under the stars may just bring the romantics out of us…who knows what kindred spirits we may encounter…and if all else fails, we can thank Texx and the City for a festival to rival Bridget Jone’s Baby!

  4. Liezl Hazel Fourie says:

    Hi Texx and the City, please help me take my eternal Plus1 festival frolicking!

  5. Nadine Williams says:

    Texx and the City & Plus1 Festival = HOW TO KNOW TRUE LOVE EXISTS! <3

  6. Teneale Martin says:

    I’ve been married for just under two years and my daughter is 5
    months old. A month before my daughter was born, my mother passed away
    suddenly and I have been having the worst time ever since. I then went
    to a normal check up and was told that I needed an emergency caesar that
    day. Seriously? Since my daughter has been born she is our joy. My
    husband, an amazing soccer player, broke his leg last year and that was
    also one of the hardest things to go through. He couldn’t do anything
    for himself. I was pregnant. Working. We had a bad year! So my husband
    and I haven’t really had the chance to enjoy ourselves since then, since
    all this pain and hurt. I’m back at work now, into the flow of things
    but my hubby and I haven’t just gotten time away to relax, get away from
    everything and just worry about each other. It would be such a
    wonderful opportunity to win this competition, not worry about anything
    and just enjoy each other and this experience. I know we deserve it. So
    many things could’ve torn us apart but here we are and that I’d love to
    celebrate with him. I’d love for us to renew our vows because we got
    married at Home Affairs which wasn’t really the ideal setting. PleaseTexx and the City , my husband deserves this! He deserves every bit of this
    for how he has supported me while going through the worst time in his
    life. We will appreciate every single second of it. I can guarantee
    that! Please Texx and the City, send us to the Plus1 Festival!!!

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