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Looking To CTEMF: DJ InviZAble

Our favourite imperial advisor launches AHWENESS Campaign and Stone Jets remix ahead of CTEMF.

7 Feb 2017 / Interview, / written by Tecla Ciolfi / Pic by Fausto Becatti

To be privileged enough to witness DJ InviZAble perform, is to experience performance art at it’s purist as costume, lighting, dance and keytar solos combine to blow minds.

DJ InviZAble has been busy. Having formed a near-flawless set progression, aided in part by the ageless Dubmasta China, he’s just launched AHWENESS, a socially conscious campaign aimed at enlightening through remixes of various South African tracks, and is poised to play his first-ever CTEMF. In between prep he was kind enough to talk to me about his hectic schedule, through his visor.

Tecla Ciolfi: To me, the world seems a bit upside down at the moment and a campaign like AHWENESS is sorely needed to shine a light on critical social issues through crazy beats. With so many issues facing us daily, will this be an ongoing campaign?

DJ Invizable: The AHWENESS campaign is a quest to bring balance and equality, InviZAble is driven by a compelling desire to help humanity overcome adversity. By forming alliances with fellow South African musical comrades, the movement intends to create AHWENESS of those who have dedicated their lives to changing the world and create a better future for all. The campaign aims to target the most relevant problems that are faced by society in this time. Women abuse, water conservation and the dethroning of corruption will be addressed and voiced by these champions. AWEHNESS hopes to inspire open social dialogue that is so crucial to developing new paradigms and promoting compassion. We intend to spread the AWEHNESS far and wide. There will be more to come.

TC: The Stone Jets are an up-and-coming force and ‘Hurricane’ is exemplary of that. What was it about this track specifically that spoke to you?

DI: Stone Jets wrote the track when they were moved through the chance meeting with a stray dog in a parking lot. ‘Hurricane’ speaks to the need for humans to take better care of their furry companions who cannot find shelter during the cold rainy nights. In light of animal welfare, comrades of sound Stone Jets and InviZAble have chosen to work alongside a protector of animals, TEARS Animal Rescue, to create AWEHNESS of the suffering of abandoned domestic animals. ‘Hurricane’ is a song that screamed to be remixed as I fell head over heels in love with the beat and afro-rhythms that my talented comrades poured from their hearts into this track.

TC: Animal Charities are very close to my heart and I see that you’ve chosen to work alongside Tears Animal Rescue with the release of ‘Hurricane’. What are some of the ways that you’re looking at helping and making a difference?

DI: Stone Jets and InviZAble have discussed creating an event that is focused on generating funding support and AWEHNESS for animals through merchandising and ticket sales to the event. The collaboration will also hope to invite fellow musicians to support their performance to the cause and become champions for the cause. The proceeds will be donated to funding the veterinary and other costs that TEARS incurs though the sterilisation of stray animals to combat population numbers.

TC: To me, you’re the master of the remix. The “No Apologies EP” where you remixed 340ml stands for me as some of the best I’ve ever heard. How do you know when you’re done with a remix, is it hard to step back and stop tweaking at all?

DI: The creative process certainly comes to fruition over time and it is hard to stop tweaking as there is always room for improvement. I think of it in terms of abandonment. You have to walk away from the piece or you will never stop with just that “one more” adjustment. However, that is the the true sign of succeeding when an artist can step away from the work and let it stand on its own.

TC: You’re playing your first CTEMF this weekend which is super exciting. How do you think a proudly South African electronic music event like this contributes to the continuation and inspiration of future generations of DJs and producers?

DI: I am very excited to be participating in such a prestigious event for the first time. I think it is very important for South African culture that events like this promote local talent which is often neglected and overshadowed by the exoticism of international trends. By creating AWEHNESS of South Africa’s musical brilliance, stars of the future are provided an opportunity to appreciate our indigenous sounds and in doing so empower the South African music industry to achieve local and international acclaim.

Listen to ‘Hurricane (Remix)’ below on Deezer.

Catch DJ Invizable at CTEMF on Friday the 10th at 20:00pm Terrace.