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Flint, Meet Spark: The Way I Remember You

An enchanting homage to a progressive 4-year relationship.

13 Mar 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

Paying homage to a 4-year-long alliance, Pretoria-based duo Flint, Meet Spark recently unveiled their first and last EP. Consequential to the announcement that the two won’t be performing any more shows together, Adelle Nqeto and Joshua Pretorius have undoubtedly induced a subtle wave of melancholy for fans, myself included. Although there seems to be no animosity between the two, the most plausible reason for Flint, Meet Spark’s culmination is simply that it’s time, giving both of them space to endure separate endeavours with reciprocated support.

Although the EP was initially announced halfway through 2015, the wait for “The Way I Remember You” was beyond worth it. The incorporation of familiar and new aspects into the record highlights how Nqeto and Pretorius have progressed individually, but persistently stuck to their roots. Atmospheric opener ‘Bones’ is set in motion with two Daughter-esque guitar melodies bouncing off each other, soon accompanied by a vocal harmony in unison. “It’s clear enough I’m running headfirst into the unknown” stresses the track’s lyrical focus on the somewhat intrusive, gripping and scary nature of someone, or something new.

The follow-up track has sealed itself as one of my all-time favourite local songs to date. Old fan-favourite ‘Big Black Bear’ exhibits Flint, Meet Spark’s consolidation of a familiar, folk-centric dynamic with a new, electronically-progressive tone. The pulsating synth and electronic drum melody strikes a familiar chord with that of Of Monsters and Men’s latest material. Title track ‘The Way I Remember You’ is evidently the most electronic-influenced track yet, but Nqeto’s alluring melody line and Pretorius’ beautiful accompaniment encompasses the tribute the band have made to their time together.

The two live closers ‘Catching On, Holding On’ and ‘It’s A Start’ will induce some serious nostalgia for anyone who’ve been to a Flint, Meet Spark show. The tracks’ acoustic-centric dynamic contrasts heavily with those preceding, but they’re a remarkable way to acknowledge and include the dynamic and style which without fail hooked fans from the onset.

Although I’m forward to Nqeto’s solo debut EP dropping at the end of the month, I’ll never forget one of the most warmhearted duo’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, performing with and ultimately, befriending.

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Listen to “The Way I Remember You” below on Deezer.