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Looking to Mieliepop: Hello Beautiful

A taste of what's to come ahead of the anticipated festival.

8 Mar 2017 / Opinion / written by Timothy Kohler

As Hello Beautiful evolves as an outfit so too does their live show which now, I discovered, includes a lot more cowbell. And as the increasingly popular Mieliepop festival grows ever nearer, I caught up with Matthieu Auriacombe to find out about his latest project and got a bit more than I bargained for.

Timothy Kohler: Since the release of your 2nd collection “Leftover Dreams”, you’ve performance an array of prestigious events with the inclusion of a band by your side. Considering you compose primarily in solitude, what led to the decision of including a few live members?

Hello Beautiful: Well, I’ve been wanting to do Hello Beautiful as a band for quite some time now, I just finally got to it, we actually have a new member now, Wim Jansen van Rensburg, a good friend of mine, we use to play in bands together when we were in high school, so we’re a 4-piece now.

TK: What would you say distinguishes your live set?

HB: The song writing process is different compared to my previous releases, how can I say, it’s way more ‘party music’ now and we write songs on the spot in the jam room, I really love how the band is shaping into a new and more refined live show for Hello Beautiful, expect a lot of cowbell, synth action, and loads of rocking out. Mieliepop Festival will be our first show with the latest member, we are super amped for this show, we’ll also be playing some new songs.

TK: Do you believe your live band-orientated performance direction has influenced your composition style? Is writing alone a matter of preference?

HB: Well, how it works, i’ll make a simple idea, like a bass line, we’ll workshop that idea in the jam room and then the magic happens.

TK: Hello Beautiful’s dynamic contrasts so heavily with that of your past/other projects such as Beach Party, kidofdoom and Art Snakes. Do you consider yourself a multi-faceted musician in terms of exploring an array of styles? What’s led to the genre-varying progression over the years?

HB: It all comes down to the fact that I can’t just narrow myself down to one genre, I really loved being a part of all the bands I’ve been in, but it’s time I really put in the time for Hello Beautiful, and what I want to accomplish with Hello Beautiful, this is only the beginning.

TK: Mieliepop is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Are there any specific acts you’re looking most forward to seeing? In particular, any relatively not-as-established, up-and-coming acts you’ve been keeping an eye on?

HB: I’d say Boargazm, Haezer and Retro Dizzy.

TK: What can we expect from your performance at Mieliepop? Will your set include the renowned collaborations in “Leftover Dreams” such as Alastair Thomas (Shortstraw) and Jean-Louise Parker (Academie)?

HB: A few new songs, a new member, lots of rocking out. We’ll be performing “Structures” with Academie in their set, looking forward to that.

TK: Finally, what’s in store for Hello Beautiful on the horizon?

HB: Planning to release our new EP the end of April along with a live video of the whole EP performed in a secret place. I’m also working on two remix’s at the moment, pretty stoked about that.

Check out our exclusive video from Hello Beautiful below.