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PURE Releases Striking Debut ‘No Secrets’

An audio-visual debut fashioned alongside a positive and inspiring message.

1 Mar 2017 / Opinion / written by Marike Watson

The release of ‘No Secrets’ looms forth with quiet confidence as PURE, the now solo adopted moniker of Purity Zinhle Mkhize, stares deeply into the camera’s eye as the words, “I can be this singular expressive being I’ve always been afraid of being,” resounds alongside a strikingly raw and solitary picture.

In this intimate and highly vulnerable debut, director Kyle Lewis captures this very sentiment against the dreamy electronic arrangement accompanying Mkhize’s newfound voice. The audio-visual combination proves complimentary, jumping between frames of slow movements or jolted gestures that mirrors each progression of the music itself.

Without any necessary explanation ‘No Secrets’ delivers a larger social message that promotes, rather than shames, an all-inclusive stance for body positivity. An invitation of self-examination and self-love subsequently escalates in the video’s bare and minimalist cinematic setting as nude bodies hold on to one another in sequences that project notions of comfort and assurance. Mkhiwe appears otherworldly as she maintains a captivating presence amidst the dark backdrop that surrounds her throughout its duration.

Her personal triumph bleeds into what she expresses as she unashamedly confronts herself in song. A small trace of melancholy characterises the primary melody of the track, denoting an earnest and perhaps small indication of the journey to self-acceptance as one that isn’t always easily achieved.

The words, “well maybe I should be alone to understand what it means to be strong,” are initially sung as Mkhiwe affirms her ability to pursue a career as a solo artist, whilst also embracing the role of a mother. It is in this declaration that a collective banner of fear is considerably conquered, marking PURE as the product of an artistic endeavour fruitfully liberated from the reservations held in fear. Watch the video below.

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