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Red Bull Doodle Art Takes Doodling To The Next Level

Submit your doodle and stand a chance to be exhibited at a Global Virtual Gallery.

16 Mar 2017 / Press Release / written by TATC Staff / Pic by Red Bull Content Pool

Doodling is a universal habit that unites students and cultures all around the globe. Everyone does it! More than 50 thousand students from over 1000 universities in more than 40 countries will be showcasing how they interpret Doodle Art. Red Bull Doodle Art gives students a platform to translate their inspiration and imagination into art. Doodling has no rules, no restrictions, it´s a freedom of expression.

Starting from mid March to end of May university students will be able submit their incredible artworks and to vote for the best doodle of their country on the global platform

The third global edition of Red Bull Doodle Art 2017 will have an exciting global final: A virtual reality experience. All national winners will get the unique experience to compete in the Global Final in an exciting location. They will be coached on how to up level their 3D artistic skills and create their final piece of art by painting in 3D.

The final masterpieces will be exhibited at a Global Virtual Gallery, where art lovers can fully experience doodles in virtual reality from around the world! The global winner will be chosen by a panel of judges.

A small doodle in a box led to international fame.

In 2014 the first Red Bull Doodle Art Global Gallery took place in Cape Town, South Africa. That year an Indian University student Santanu Kaushik doodled his way to victory. Hinduism and the spirituality behind it inspired his winning drawing.

“Winning the Red Bull Doodle Art 2014 was a turn that I never expected my life would take. Winning made me more confident about my art and the direction that I was heading. I never went to any art school, or got any support from anyone. I taught myself how to draw. I had a tough time fighting for my art and Red Bull Doodle Art gave me the opportunity to showcase it to the world and now I’m a full time Illustrator/contemporary artist exploring my vision. I doodle every day! I have made it a habit to doodle every day no matter where I am and what I’m doing, and very soon I will be publishing a few books”, says Santanu Kaushik.

What is a doodle?

An unfocused drawing made while the mind is otherwise occupied.

What is Red Bull Doodle Art?

A worldwide art competition in which university students across the globe submit doodles to be judged on style and creativity. One doodler from each participating country will be invited to join the global final and compete against students from all around the world. The winning artwork from each country will be on display in the Global Virtual Gallery. At the show, one international winner will be crowned.

Who will be crowned the Global Winner of Red Bull Doodle Art 2017? Let´s find out!

Submit your Doodle now!

For more information, participating countries and how to submit your artwork, visit #DoodleArt