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Shortstraw: If I’m The Tide

An Instagram-illustrated picture of teen’s trials and tribulations.

8 Mar 2017 / / written by Skye Mallac

Coming up with fresh ideas for each release off a project like ‘Those Meddling Kids’ can’t be easy – but Shortstraw (and co.) are a mine of creative minds.

The seventh single off the collective slips into ever-present social media land – in the form of an Instagram story. ‘If I’m The Tide’ was written over the course of three weeks and a holiday, by Alastair. Their very own Tommy Rocket proceeded to take the visual reigns and whipped up the aptly idiosyncratic music video, whose cutesy conclusion counters the very real issues of bullying and body shaming on social media which make up the bulk of the story.

Bouncing between various Instagram profiles, the video is a day-in-the-life of sorts – as social media strives to be – and dives straight into the angst riddled awkwardness of early high school. From general abhorrence to schoolwork and dick-decorated textbooks, to dissatisfied selfies beside ‘body-goals’ magazine models, the video ends on a high note as the girl heroically rescues the boy from a 6-1 fight as is rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.

The song itself fits neatly into Shortstraw’s self-made musical bracket with light, jangling guitar melody plucked from Tom’s guitar and warping, wispy synths oozing from Gad’s fingertips. Their evolution from the indie-pop spectrum to the rather more rock-orientated continuum is as clear as ever, but ever-present familiarity strikes with Alastair’s rasping vocal tones, “If I’m the tide, baby you’re the moon.” Watch the video below.

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