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Sutherland Release ‘Trouble’ Video

On-tour shenanigans and passenger-seat mischief.

3 Mar 2017 / / written by Timothy Kohler

I can think of few better ways to see and experience a country’s beauty than going on tour with your band. The accumulated excitement and anticipation of performing in more unfamiliar terrain, alongside a healthy dose of on the road shenanigans, is an affair I’d advise anyone to endure. For those of us less musically-inclined, Joburg-hailing folk-pop group Sutherland have provided us with an inside scoop into what that exactly entails.

Shot and edited by Jason “Freekin” Lume during the band’s coastal tour from East London to Cape Town in December last year, ‘Trouble’, Sutherland’s latest (and might I just add, notably most pop-esque) single, showcases a few highlights of the trip.

“Throughout our trip we saw and experienced such beautiful parts of our country. Travelling and being able to share our music with new audiences all around the country really makes us so happy,” they explained.

From a day and night performance, to an enthusiastic all-ages audience at Billy’s Beach, to rowdy passenger-seat and beachside mischief (not forgetting the exhilarating tollgates that take all your money) set against a beautifully-varying South African landscape. Sutherland’s infectiously grateful persona on the road really is something to enjoy. Watch the video below.

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