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The Tazers: Love Machine

A five-track, reverb-soaked retro rock EP that packs multiple punches.

7 Mar 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

The Tazers’ latest effort sees these local wizards of retro and reverb delivering once more on authentic rock with a vintage feel through “Love Machine”. The EP strikes that elusive balance of loud and soft for five quality tracks.

The album starts with an appropriately big bang in ‘Wake Up’. Cavernous echo effects and psychedelic sweep the listener straight back to the ‘70s from the very start. The crispiness of the snare drum and clunky bass all work reliably in cementing an old school feel before a massive chorus.

One of several aspects of The Tazers that sets them apart early on in the EP is the atypically lyrical bass guitar work. ‘A Bomb and a Bill’ allows the guitar and bass to embrace this in a kind of melodic symbiosis, creating alien soundscapes but retaining an equal footing. The bridge plays with these themes to an incredible extend and stands out as one of the most creative passages of rock music I’ve heard in a long while.

‘Love Machine’ and ‘Shake It’ follow in a good old-fashioned rock and roll romp that makes up a meaty middle for the album. There are a few classic witticisms if you listen out for them, my favourite, “I’m a gentleman… or a patient wolf.”

The EP closes with a twist, the surf-inspired instrumental ‘Service Delivery.’ It’s quick and dirty running at just under two minutes.

To call a band like this “retro” is actually not quite accurate because it implies an attempt at emulation whereas in the case of The Tazers they aren’t pretending – they live wholeheartedly in the creative space of their preferred era. The resulting sound is unmistakable and catchy as hell. With “Love Machine” The Tazers manage once more to subvert your pop sensibilities and go straight for feel.

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Listen to “Love Machine” below on Deezer.