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Win Tickets To See Pixies In Joburg

Here comes your band.

13 Mar 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

PIXIES are considered to be one of the most influential alternative rock bands of all time. And rightfully so. Their string of anthems include ‘Gigantic’, ‘Where Is My Mind’, ‘Here Comes Your Man’, ‘Monkey Gone to Heaven’ and many more and over their illustrious careers they’ve played almost all of the world’s largest and most prestigious stages.

At the “Rock on the Lawns” music festival at Carnival City, PIXIES will be supported by the cream of the SA rock scene, namely Springbok Nude Girls, Prime Circle, aKing, Crash Car Burn, Shortstraw, The Sweet Resistance and The Robfather (DJ). They’ll perform on the Carnival Festival Lawns, a premium outdoor setting at a venue that perfectly caters for large-scale music festivals.

Now the good people at AMP Events have given us 2 double tickets (general access) to 2 lucky people. All you have to do to enter is drop a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know what your favourite Pixies song is and why. Winner will be contacted via email on Wednesday the 15th of March.

14 responses to “Win Tickets To See Pixies In Joburg”

  1. Jenny Leujes says:

    “Where is my Mind” is my favorite song. Because I’m always looking for it 😂

  2. Daniel Kemp says:

    Has the perfect pop hook with the historical film reference and general Frank Black debauchary!
    I am un chien andalusia😂

  3. Jacques Celliers says:

    Even though it is the easiest and most basic answer I’m going to have to say Where Is My Mind is my favourite as it started me on the unbelievable path that is the Pixies. The song was so captivating at the end of Fight Club that I immediately needed to hear more from this band, and oh boy was that not a beautiful journey of impeccable musical discovery.

  4. Angelo Souvaris says:

    “Hey”, just quite a catchy song

  5. Amit says:

    Here Comes Your Man!

    The amount of times I pictured this this song in all my favourite Rom Coms. It a bit scary and just having the opportunity to hear it live will be amazing!

  6. tonia dorfling says:

    Gigantic. For its base line

  7. tonia dorfling says:

    Where is my mind. Cause we all ask ourselfs that question from time to time

  8. Dan Apter says:

    DEBASER! cos um, Kim Deal?

  9. Kyleblun says:

    Where is my mind cos it is the first Pixie song I ever heard!

  10. Luway Mongie says:

    Currently Head Carrier because it meant the Pixies had returned.
    Overall, Here Comes Your Man… just takes me back to my teen years in the 90s (although I know the song was released before then, I only discovered them then).

  11. Jason Daniels says:

    Where is my mind…cos it’s been a very strange life…

  12. Skye says:

    Where is my mind for sure! My best friend introduced the Pixies to my in High School and this song totally described my state of mind when I was 17!

  13. Jean-Mari Schmidt says:

    My favourite Pixies song would have to be (very cliché) Where Is My Mind. I heard it in Fight Club the first time and it sparked a love for the band.
    Also the story behind the song is too cool, FUN FACT: while the band went snorkeling in the Caribbean, a little fish started chasing Frank Black. He found this weird but he admitted that he doesn’t know a lot about fish behaviour (or what goes on in their mind). So Where Is My Mind was born. As someone who loves it when a song has a super cool back story, this is a pretty solid example🙌🏻

  14. Sugan Naidoo says:

    Where is my mind will have to be the best just because it was used in Fight Club and has such meaning to it as well.

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