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Frame Janko Release ‘Keep Her’ Video

A curiously anonymous debut that'll keep you guessing.

12 Apr 2017 / / written by Skye Mallac

The very epitome of young and ambitious, Jozi-hailing Frame Janko have launched themselves, with admirably polished poise into the uncertain SA indie music sphere. Their debut release, ‘Keep Her’, comes coupled with an equally polished music video which, pivoted at waist view, maintains their curious current need to remain unidentified. The ambiguity has piqued my interest already, and that is exactly their objective.

The music video is filmed in a single-shot style, following sneakered feet, a multicoloured chess games and an abundance of Lion Lager through a dimly lit house hangout. Faces skip in and out of view – but never those of the band – as the video proceeds and then abruptly rewinds to conclude, with a strange sort of continuity, right where it started.

Theirs is a sound not unfamiliar to most, and certainly rings true to the handful of European rock bands they count among their influences – but while niche is celebrated, good old rock is a timeless genre and Frame Janko’s base-toned foundations and lush, though heavy, electronic progressions are easily on par. Easy-flowing yet somehow unpredictable vocal melodies are paired with rusted rock love-song lyrics, while a cumulative retro baseline keeps their heads comfortably above water. Keep an eye out for these guys when their faces are finally revealed – we’d like to know what else their hiding up their invisible sleeve.

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Watch “Keep Her” below.