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Fresh Flex Friday #3

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

21 Apr 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

There is a distinct air of heartbreak and crushing emotion in today’s post. Paired with the unbearable urgency of proximity, which had poet and songwriter Itai Hakim yearning to be in studio and subsequently releasing a teaser recording for his forthcoming debut EP. We’re swiftly reminded not to take life too seriously thanks to the pop punk melodies of Satanic Dagga Orgy. While a cross section of underground beats and exciting young producers shows us what we have to look forward to in the future.

Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys – Winter

I can’t recall when last I watched a music video that encapsulates the essence of an artist and a song so flawlessly. Epic imagery, gut wrenching emotion, I had chills through out.

PHFat x Mac Motel – Keep You Safe

Young love, crushes, the one that got away? This aesthetically nostalgic video succinctly captures the mood of this song, maintaining an element of fun without being trivial.

Spoek Mathambo – I Found You feat Kajama and Fantasma

This enticing single is off Spoek’s latest release, Mzansi Beat Code. It features the fascinating Kajama duo who are garnering much deserved attention on their independent release. Spoek has an inherent knack for splicing the most intricate talents together to make magic.

Sibot – L

The second part of the 4-piece EP series showcases Sibot’s housier 4/4 appealing productions. Certified bangers with Kenyan chants, Cango Cave choirs and provocative vocal samples. It’s an exciting time in dance music when the OG bass music producers enter the arena with joints of this calibre.

Itai Hakim – Experiment 2

Hakim has collaborated with the likes of The Brother Moves On and Thor Rixon, this track is an impromptu jam to tide us over while we await his eagerly anticipated debut solo EP.

Satanic Dagga Orgy – The Prawn Awakens

“Do your best just be like Kanye West” not taking life too seriously and providing us with carefree sing-alongs – don’t let the name fool you. Slightly less degenerate than NOFX but still cheeky pop punk.

KYMAC – Woo Way EP

Cruel Section Records is rapidly gaining respect for releasing some of the most exciting underground music on offer in SA. This EP from KYMAC is an excellent showcase of future beats.

Parabyl – Sweet Indulgences

I enjoy a good surprise and this track is definitely that. I got stuck in a crate digging spiral and it ended on this track, which i’ve had on repeat all day.

Lenny K – The Wave

Commentary on the current wave of hip hop artists, East London’s Lenny K provides his perspective on the status quo. “Overlooked and under-booked” will definitely resonate with a lot of frustrated up-and-coming artists.