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Josh Wantie & DJ SA5H: Get Over Yourself

An exploration of unfamiliar territories for Wantie yields radio-ready rewards.

20 Apr 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

After closing off last year with a jubilant hit with The Kiffness, Capetonian singer-songwriter Josh Wantie has become more and more accustomed to collaborations. Recently joining forces with Joburg-based producer DJ SA5H, Wantie seems to be exploring more unfamiliar territories. ‘Get Over Yourself’ incorporates a lot more electronic textures than the artist is usually accustomed to. Whether it’s to appeal to a larger audience or to experiment with another facet of his writing style, the track harbours great radio potential.

Having already established a fairly firm space in the commercial airwaves last year with a chart-topping single, DJ SA5H is all about collaborations. Recently speaking on 5FM, the producer encouraged any interested artists to get in touch with him, owing to his self-proclaimed inability to sing. “I had some rough ideas for a track and I’m not a very good vocalist so that track just collected dust until I came across Josh’s Paper Crown EP on iTunes,” expresses SA5H. “I got in touch with him and rest is history.”

The track’s catchy, dense chorus production unveils itself soon after a gradual build up with particularly crisp vocals from Wantie. The mysteriously futuristic undercurrent allows for focus on the track’s lyricism, regardless of the unfortunately repetitive dynamic. “‘Get Over Yourself’ is actually a track written to myself to act as a reminder to not take myself too seriously and just have a good time,” admits Wantie. “It’s important to keep your ego in check.”

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Listen to ‘Get Over Yourself’ below on Deezer.