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Julia Robert: For Love & Lies

God damn! Julia Robert is back with a brand new delightfully riotous 3-track EP.

11 Apr 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Chris Parsons

This is by far my favourite release of theirs yet. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks and I’m already in danger of playing it to death.

“For Love & Lies” sounds like the culmination of Julia Robert’s journey to find the new sound – a bitches brew of 21st century garage punk and speedy, anger-fuelled passion. It’s the sound teen angst makes when it matures into deep-rooted cynicism. It’s the moment of broken frustration that allows you to stay sane in a ceaselessly turning city, like screaming blue murder at a reckless driver so you don’t get out your car and beat them to death.

Everything is more refined. The instruments have found a perfect synergy, Joao Henriques (bass) and Roderick MacLeod (guitar) experimenting individually, yet working beautifully together. The drums carry them with a hefty weight of their own, powered by the tireless Tara Bakkes. Above all this, Ines Soutschka lets her vocals rip with equal parts elegance, exhilaration and mischief.

Each musician seems to have found their place, feeding off the others to create something new. The overall sound is better too – the distortion is warmer, the vocals cleaner, and the general mix more polished.

The songs have a palpable story arc, even before the singing steps in to lift you further. They dip and dive, carrying you along a rollercoaster ride of rushing riffs, clashing chords and beastly breakdowns. The vocals are your guide, lighting the path with soothing tones which give way to plaintive cries.

While these four have never come close to disappointing, their latest offering is truly miraculous. If I was in JZ’s shoes right now, I’d secure my place in history as a dictator by forcing everyone to listen to this EP, at least twice a day for the next 3 months.

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Listen to “For Love & Lies” below on Soundcloud.