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Sibot: V.L.D.T.

Sibot's latest EP showcases the house side of his myriad production styles.

12 Apr 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Angela Weickl

Sibot has been debunking the myth of genre constraints since the outset of his career. Leaving the impression that every track he produces sounds the way it does because it can and not because it should.

V.L.D.T is a four-part EP release that will form an album in it’s entirety. The second release, “L” is the 4/4 house offering and as can be expected, there really is nothing that Sibot can’t do. I took this EP for a long walk, listened to it five times in a row and got chills every time. In the past Sibot’s releases have always included tracks that allude to his acumen for dance music. I now regard the ‘Arc-Eyes’ title track and ‘Tronarist’ from Magnetic Jam as cheeky teasers for what has resulted in this current EP.

An unmistakable characteristic of Sibot’s production is the sound design. The EP’s opening track, ‘Please’, begins with an isolated drum rhythm and repetitive siren like loop which sustains throughout the bulk of the song. Synths and choir¬†chants creep into the mix and we’re suddenly met with a tribal house jam.

‘Grandboy Metadog’ begins with a provocative vocal sample while ‘Our People’ welcomes back the African choir vocal samples. Both tracks incorporate elements of classic house synth nostalgia with distinct acid house hi-hats in the foreground. The breakdowns are well composed and provide a sense of comfort in the rhythm which is not usually present in Sibot tracks. Although I do prefer the plot twists, the approach of these tracks lends themselves to being embraced by a broader audience and there is nothing wrong with that result.

I find myself imagining how these new tracks will come to life in the live arena. A critical achievement in his most recent performances is a cohesion between all of his styles and creating a journey that isn’t jarred by staccatoed beats. The fluid nature of this EP promises exciting possibilities. The only “L” on this offering is in the title and I predict a newfound appreciation for our favourite trend transcendent beat wizard.

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Listen to and download free “V.L.D.T Part 2” below.