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State Society: Reflections of Summer

State Society’s latest single and video optimistically embrace memories of bygone days.

19 Apr 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

State Society’s latest release is a video for ‘Reflections of Summer’ that embraces nostalgia and positivity. The video is an uncommon mix of evocative close up images from the Free Stock Footage Archive and footage of a girl by Manny Reid that are all cobbled together by vocalist/guitarist Clifford Barnard himself.

‘Reflections of Summer’ is comprised of vivid closeups – leaves, flowers and light bulbs punctuate the journey the main protagonist, a girl, traversing a lush forest. The girl herself does not seem at all dolled up by way of conventional music videos these days but rather as tangible as possible as a human being. She’s friendly-faced and free of pretentiousness, enough so to make her an endearing focal point for the piece. This is all edited together with sharply transitions between images to evoke a flood of memory rather than a conventional narrative. It’s simple but effective.

The song itself exudes an inordinate amount of warmth and wholesomeness, but manages to avoid cheesiness. Chiming guitars and layered vocals do most of the heavy lifting in true form for a euphoric pop rock ballad. Regardless of your current level of cynicism it’s hard not to get swept up in the song’s unflinching optimism. Lyrics address the unknown muse of ‘Reflections of Summer’ directly with lines that avoid clichés, particularly, “These were the days of the evergreen” and “You are the dream and I’m the dreamer”.

‘Reflections of Summer’ proves State Society to be a band of notable quality both sonically and visually. The pairing is satisfying and pleasant but avoids the usual pitfalls associated with guitar-driven music that addresses the lighter side of humanity.

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Listen to ‘Reflections Of Summer’ below.