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December Streets Release ‘Mexico’ Video

A lively pop number enhanced by a carefree lyric video.

17 May 2017 / / written by Becky Leighton

‘Mexico’ is the latest single release off December Streets’ upcoming EP and the video accompaniment provides a refreshing take on a medium that’s usually quite formulaic.

Filmed and edited by Run Jump Fly Creations and Matchfire Motion, the video features an enthusiastic dancer with the lyrics displayed against the backdrop.

Much like ‘Santa Fe’, December Streets’ earlier release, this video has a fresh emphasis on scenic backgrounds, following a girl in a shifting environment and with a pace and style which are well-matched to the rhythm.

Inspired by the memory of an old relationship, the dancer embodies the desire to escape from reality and worries in search of happiness. Her wonder, despite rules and limitations, is expressed by her freedom. The song captures an essence of adventure and a curiosity to experience the world.

The track begins with a simple pop-rooted line and builds to an energetic chorus with well-layered melodies and a strong focus on a rhythmic synth underneath. And while it might not be the most unique indie pop track I’ve heard lately, the band have managed to create an enjoyable, carefree single which inspires positivity. Watch the video below.

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