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Introducing Go The Rodeo

PREMIER: Alternative electro rock group return with new single 'Sea Dog'.

19 May 2017 / Opinion / written by Tecla Ciolfi

After a short hiatus, Joburg-based group Go The Rodeo is back with a new single and line-up. Joining Robert Mitchley (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboard) and Corne van Niekerk (vocals, guitar) is Craig Atkinson on drums, also the drummer for post hardcore band Bombs and Issues.

A curious mixture of alternative and rock influences, underpinned by subtle electronic elements, their new single ‘Sea Dog’ is reminiscent of Twenty One Pilots circa “Blurryface”, lyrically steeped in ocean-based metaphors.

The accompanying video, which viewers with photosensitive epilepsy should avoid, opens with a soothing bird’s eye view of an ocean and is overlaid sporadically with a geometric heart and dog’s head.

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Listen to ‘Go The Rodeo’ below.