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Looking To Afterburn: Replay

An opportunity to relive the music and people that make Afrikaburn what it is.

4 May 2017 / Competition, Interview / written by TATC Staff

The Spirit Train is a beautiful marriage of uniquely skilled artisans, creatives, blacksmiths, graffiti artists and event planners that have been working hammer and nail to bring their expansive imagination to life. And now, after the dust of this year’s Afrikaburn begins to settle, The Spirit Train brings its vision to the Zip Zap Circus Dome for a night of celebration.

We caught up with Make-Believe founder, Michael Kennedy, ahead of Saturday’s event to find out a little more about this passion project.

TATC: How rewarding has it been to see The Spirit Train come to life over the course of the last 3 years?

Michael Kennedy: It has been rewarding to realise our vision with the project, and equally as much to see how the project has influenced the paths of others within our crew, and ourselves. Speaking for myself and my partner in the project (But Corpaci) it has dramatically influenced our lives for the better.

TATC: Lobo (the beast) looks quite labour-intensive. How much time, planning and grafting goes into Lobo each year? 

MK: A train-load of sweat! Our first year was predominantly logistical, technical and design orientated issues, which has shifted towards administrative labour. The reason being is the train was built by year 1, and with year 2 we had the magical, yet heavily logistical collaboration with the Hauptbahnhof crew from Germany (to construct the HBF Station).

With year 3 we have more technical issues on our plate with the onset of a completely programmable lighting & fire element, plus a 7m high tower upon which aerial acrobats will perform. The station, the lighting and/or acrobat tower and the train will all connect to each other upon the train’s arrival at HBF each night – for all our crazy gadgets to talk to each other and create moods through programmable lighting and effects

TATC: Now AfterBurn is gonna be a crazy event, how would you describe it for someone who’s never been before.

MK: It’s an after-taste of what we created at Afrikaburn and the atmosphere will be permeated with fresh-off-the-playa Burners & alike that have not yet acclimatised to the real world and are still in the throws of relentless kindness.

TATC: How do you interpret the theme of “replay” that?

MK: Come and see for yourself [Laughs]. But on a literal note, it is just that – an opportunity to re-live the music and people that make Afrikaburn what it is.

Now we’re giving away 1 double ticket to what promises to be a sensory affair for those still reeling from The Burn. 

All you have to do is drop a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know what your ultimate Afrikaburn outfit would be.

Winner will be contacted via email tomorrow.