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Win Tickets To Parklife Durban & Joburg

Stand a chance to win tickets for you and your friends!

31 May 2017 / Competition / written by TATC Staff

We’re counting down the days to Parklife Durban and Joburg and we’ve decided to share the love by giving away a whopping 10 double tickets!

Parklife in Joburg will once again host artists from a variety of genres across three different stages, including the Electronic Music Stage. International DJ’s De Hofnar and Melvv join the Electronic Music line-up on The Arch stage and singer-songwriters Matt Simons and Gavin James will bring their incredible live performances to the two main stages – Park Stage and Nux Stage.

Parklife in Durban is in for a treat as a top selection of live acts will grace two stages at the first ever Parklife Gourmet Food And Music Festival at the Durban Botanic Gardens. The festival has already garnered a solid following in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and organisers at Breakout Management are excited to include Durban as its 3rd Parklife Festival city, making Parklife the only national festival of its kind.

Now we want you to join us in having one of the best event experiences of 2017. Which is why we’re giving away 2 double tickets (4 tickets in total) to 5 lucky people for Durban’s event. But that’s not all, we’re also giving away 2 double tickets (4 tickets in total) to 4 lucky people for Joburg’s event.

All you have to do is drop your name at the bottom of this post and tell us which act you’re most looking forward to seeing and why. Don’t forget to include the city you’re entering for.

Winners will be contacted via email on Tuesday the 6th of June.

57 responses to “Win Tickets To Parklife Durban & Joburg”

  1. Barbara Van Acker says:

    Barbara van Acker – Durban Parklife please!! I am sooooo looking forwards to seeing Goodluck….love, love, love them! From the 1st time I saw them at Chris Saunders park opening for Locnville back in 2011, I just KNEW they were going places! And look at them now! 🙂

  2. Sylvia Alves says:



  3. Busisiwe Xulu says:

    Busisiwe Xulu from Durban. I cannot wait to see Sketchy Bongo live on stage unmasking his magnificent talent with different artists that he features in his music 🙂 <3 <3

  4. Priscilla Burkinshaw Boscombe says:

    Durban…. Absolutely ❤️ Rubber Duc…. Would be an early Fathers Day for the dads in the family

  5. Jason Daniels says:

    Jason Daniels in JHB …and definitely Jeremy Loooops! Celebrated previous anniversary with my g’friend see’ng Jeremy Loops…See’ng him again on our 5th anniversary would be fantastic…love how my g’friend sings to Downsouth and Power! But love all the acts this year so fingers crossed!

  6. Skye Solomon says:

    Skye Solomon in JHB. Jeremy Loops for shizzle! Will be an amazing way to celebrate my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend!

  7. Jacqueline Anthony says:

    Joburg – Would love to see Jeremy Loops

  8. Jacques Celliers says:

    I would loooove to see Matt Simons at the Joburg Parklife as my girlfriend is a huge fan of his and she’s gotten me absolutely hooked on his music. Also Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions all the way from Cape Town is going to be magical, they were my favourite act at Mieliepop and the chance to see them again is just too exciting!
    Jacques Celliers

  9. mozase says:

    Gooooooooodluck in Jozitown.

  10. Thayne Flanagan says:

    Thayne Flanagan, a broke-ass student from Durban, who would love to watch Easy Freak tear up their hometown. Simple, elegant, winner worthy post.

  11. Quinton Dos Santos says:

    Jeremy Loop! He has one of the best live acts in SA! Would be epic to jam out! 😉 – Johannesburg

  12. Christo Boshoff says:

    Matthew Mole in DBN! So stoked to see him live again :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sunaina Orrie Sheikh says:

    I absolutely love Goodluck, would be a dream to see them live in Johannesburg!

  14. Jo-Anne says:

    Gavin James!!! And Matt Simons!!! And Jeremy Loops! Just the most amazing line up! So excited and would be EPIC to break it down to these INCREDIBLE acts! Johannesburg <3

  15. Kerryn King says:

    GOOD LUCK!!! Would be super stoked to see them

  16. Genielle Murison says:

    Kyle Deutsch & Sketchy Bongo … All Night Party!!! I get lost in the crazy times with these two Artists.

  17. Samantha De Freitas-De Beer says:

    Samantha de Beer, id love to see Jeremy Loops…think that man is a very sexy man!!!

  18. Meeneshree Tiffany Mohunlal says:

    Sketchy Bongo in Johannesburg!

  19. Stephanie Osborn says:

    Stephanie Osborn, Durban. I would love to see Jeremy Loops live again! He was the first live artist I saw and he made me fall in love with live, authentic, South African music. I would love to see him again and share the experience with my sister, as it is our last holiday in Durban together. Please make my wish come true?:D

  20. Emily Potgieter says:

    I’d love to see Matthew Mole in Durban. My boyfriend works in KZN while I’m still finishing off my studies in Gauteng and so this day will be the first day we’re back together after a few weeks of hard work. Matthew Mole sings, “Heaven made your hand to compliment my hand.” and I look forward to having his hand in mine once again.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Elizabeth Richter. I would like to see Jeremy Loops in action in Durban! Love his music, but I’ve never had the chance to see him perform live.
    Another reason is that it’s my birthday weekend and I would like to celebrate my birthday at Parklife😁👌🏼

  22. Cheryl Booysen says:

    Euphonik’s been my favourite since forever 🎤🎵🎶📀🎧 JHB

  23. Danny Wolfaardt says:

    I can absolutely not wait to see JEREMY LOOPS in Joburg 😍 I love him because he just knows how to get the crowd going with his unbelievable music 😍😍😍💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  24. Danny Wolfaardt says:

    I can absolutely not wait to see JEREMY LOOPS in Joburg 😍 I love him because he just knows how to get the crowd going with his unbelievable music 😍😍😍💪🏻

  25. Gilda Henney says:

    With all the great artists lined up for the joburg show, its going to be a blast….with Matthew Mole being my favorite. As I saw at the JacaDay this past Saturday. what a great entertainer. .

  26. Tim says:

    I would really love to see tresor partying it up in jhb!

  27. Bronwyn Esterhuizen says:

    I’m looking forward to a good south african line up but especially Jeremy loops as his album has been my soundtrack for the last six months while I was working away. This was seriously one of the most trying times of my life and my family all sent me photos and sound clips from the last concert so when I saw another one lined up I knew this was my opportunity to really enjoy it live. So sentimental on So many levels. Oh yes. DURBAN of course!

  28. Candace Cathrine Pretorius says:

    Matthew Mole is my all time favorite and it would be incredible to see him live in Durban!!!!

  29. Angelo Souvaris says:

    JHB – Goodluck, been awhile since ive last seen them live, freaking awesomeness personified.

  30. Catherine Pumpi Sithaweni says:

    Catherine Sithaweni

    I would like to see Rubber Duc,I love their cool music and I have never seen them performing before.
    They are really AWESOME and seeing them live would be AMAZING!

    THANK U!

  31. Kevin Azzie says:

    Dying to see Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions in JOZI. I havent been to the Cape in years, and not likely to make it that way in the foreseeable future and I hear their stage act is amazing! PLEASE PLEASE send us those free tickets!!!!!

  32. Shantal says:

    Shantal Boodhun. Matthew Mole – he is amazingly talented artist! Joburg

  33. Darryn Tolley says:

    Darryn Tolley
    So keen for Goodluck, love their music, been listening and following them for the last 7 years!! Joburg Parklife 😀

  34. Conor Fincham says:

    Ben Dey & the concrete lions 🦁 “easy love” – these guys are amazing and the only way to listen to their music is to see them live 🙅🏼‍♂️ Plus it’s my birthday and it would be the best present in the world 🌎 ❤️

  35. Claire Smith says:

    Claire Smith : I would love to see Matt Simons at Parklife Joburg. I am an absolute fan and would die to see him live. I have to also say that Matthew Mol is divine and is always entertaining. Please PICK ME!!!!

  36. Jessica Schermeier says:

    Matthew Mole in Joburg, I would really love to see him preform because at every event I go to, where he’s performing, something happens and I’m always unable to see him. I love his music but can’t afford to go this year and it would really mean the world if I could finally see him live! PLEASE PICK ME!!

  37. Jessica Schermeier says:

    Matthew Mole in Joburg, I would really love to see him preform because at every event I go to, where he’s performing, something happens and I’m always unable to see him. I love his music but can’t afford to go this year and it would really mean the world if I could finally see him live! PLEASE PICK ME!!

  38. Raphael says:

    JHB Parklife would be totes ma-gotes amazing im quacking for for rubber duck , this will be such an awesome experience good luck to everyone , I really hope to attend this year im so excited to jeremy loops down south …. ALL PUNS INTENDED, thank you enjoy your day

  39. Raphael says:

    JHB Parklife would be amazing im quacking for for rubber duck , this will be such an awesome experience good luck to everyone , I really hope to attend this year im so excited to jeremy loops down south thank you enjoy your day

  40. Wagner TAM says:

    ***RUBER DUC*** is definitely the best reason to go to Joburg Park Life Festival! (plus all of the other incredibly talented local and international artists that will be performing too!)The first time I heard their song ‘the zebra is a horse’, I absolutely fell in love with them! And one of the main reasons why, is because my dad showed me this song, and you wouldn’t expect a golden oldie to be so ‘hip’ and ‘in-tune’ with this awesome modern music. They have such a special way of connecting to fans and music lovers and they highlight the best parts of our beautiful rainbow nation! 🙂 I would really love to take my dad and my family to this festival because I will not be able to see him on Father’s day, and this could really make up for it! Big ups to the Tex and the City and Disqus teams for giving this opportunity to many people!

  41. Melissa Hamlyn says:

    Jeremy Loops in Durban, he was my now 1 year old daughter’s first live concert when she was only 18 days old. Please pick us!

  42. Cathy Colley says:

    Jeremy Loops – in Durban . I have been unable to get tickets for my family for his previous concerts at Botanical Gardens and would just love to spend the day with them enjoying his music and the great vibe with the rest of the awesome line up .Please ,please pick me .Thank you

  43. Zandalee says:

    From durban
    I’m looking forward to seeing good luck. Been in love with their music since I first listened to them at a locnville concert a few years back. Juliet harding has such a stage presence and is so bubbly, the rest of the group is awesome too. Songs are relatable and put me in a good mood. Holding thumbs and hope I win so I can share this experience with my friends

  44. Migz says:

    Gavin James, his cover of David Bowies Changes is the best Ive ever heard

  45. Kirsten Jenna Lee says:

    Kirsten Lee, Durbs. I am so keen to see Jeremy Loops live! I’ve only seen him live once before and it was when he was just starting to get famous; as soon as he started playing, I was absolutely mind blown by his incredible talent and how different his music style was. It was mesmerising! Please let me see him again!

  46. Channah Mayer says:

    Channah Mayer, JHB Parklife. I really love so many of the acts playing and would absolutely love to see them live for the first time. Namely Rubber Duc, Jeremy loops and Matt Simons. This would be the highlight of the year for my friends and I, not to mention the food 😁.

  47. ZEE says:

    I missed out on Jeremy Loops in Durbs earlier this year. My lift got there as he was ending his perfomance and missed Matthew Mole at the bike Fest in Margate earlier this year. This South Coast would love to see them live. Please please please make it all come true. All these guys will be performing my kinda music #onmyknees #1stDurbanParkLife … want to be part of the History. for the love of music <3

  48. Sarah Walters says:


    ♪ღ♪░J░E░R░E░M░Y░ ░L░O░O░P░S░!░░♪ღ♪


    In Jozi <3

  49. Yolleen Naidoo says:

    Yolleen. Johannesburg. Matt Simons
    There’s a place I go to
    Where no one knows me
    It’s not lonely
    It’s a necessary thing
    It’s a place I made up
    Find out what I’m made of
    The nights are stayed up
    Counting stars and fighting sleep
    Let PARKLIFE wash over me
    Ready to lose my feet
    Take me on to the place where one reviews life’s mistery
    Steady on down the line
    Lose every sense of time
    Take it all in and wake up that small part of me
    Day to day I’m blind to see
    And find how far
    To go

  50. Claire Deborah Lamprecht says:

    There are 3 of us from 3 different cities (Jhb, CT and Durbs) who are all reuniting in Jhb this weekend and attending Park Life on Saturday. What would make this even more fantastic is if some free tickets were involved too!
    Shortstraw is our absolute fave!!

  51. Anna Potgieter says:

    My name is Anna Potgieter and I would love to see Jeremy Loops with my sister, Emily. It would be so lovely to be able to celebrate the end of exams and spend so quality time together dancing in the winter sun to our favorite songs. We can’t wait!

  52. Craig Martin says:

    Craig Martin, Durban, looking forward to listening to Matt Simons. I’ve been working in KZN for the last 18 months while my girlfriend is studying in Pretoria. Can’t wait to celebrate being in the same province for a few weeks with some great music.

  53. Dominique Massey-Hicks says:

    Matthew Mole, the only SA aritists I haven’t heard live before
    – Durban venue

  54. Nicolette Muir Janssen says:

    Nicolette Janssen I would love to see Jeremy Loops and Matthew Mole in Jhb pleaaaaasssssseeee

  55. I wanna go for the experience, the vibe and music 😎🙌#joburg #parklife

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