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Go Barefoot: Clouds Of Rain

Catchy and organic layers meet thought provoking subject matter on this single.

8 Jun 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

‘Clouds of Rain’ has an inherent mellow tone that quickly lulls you into memories of lazy rainy days, however this song actually wrestles with some serious subject matter, namely the student protests that recently occurred on campuses around South Africa.

The main chorus line is striking: “Those aren’t clouds of rain/ Cover your mouth and nose again!” The lyrics are in reference to the unexpected teargas which students were faced with when protesting, describing the need to cover your face for stun grenade gas.

But just like the confident and determined drumming throughout ‘Clouds of Rain’ the message is not one of downtrodden defeat. A wealth of ideas unfolds as they build to a crescendo of cascading synths and rolling drums, creating a dense narrative experience that fascinates the listener. The blend is rhythm-driven but spacious. Somehow Go Barefoot have managed to find a sound that sets them apart on the airwaves – no small feat in today’s competitive market.

With ‘Clouds of Rain’, style meets substance for a catchy organic indie pop tune with thought-provoking subject matter. The attention to detail and whimsical sense of musical exploration makes it a fantastic effort and shows a band capable of great scope.

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Listen to ‘Clouds Of Rain’ below on Deezer.