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Mobbing Bali: Red Bull EP

A refined three-part arrangement.

13 Jun 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Marike Watson

Four-piece Mobbing Bali have released a quick three-track EP that encapsulates their spin on an indie-rock frame in the sum of merely eleven minutes. Recording took place at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, which creates a certain high expectation prior to the act of listening. Undoubtedly with that in mind, Mobbing Bali present a steady compilation of songs equally refined in structure.

It’s clear who they admire, with Two Door Cinema Club and The Kooks receiving honourable mentions, yet it’s also clear that something else sets this outfit apart. Opener ‘ER’ establishes this in its onset whereby an easy rhythm and clear bass tone initiate the EP’s beginning impression. The archetypal rapid rhythm scheme of an indie record is soon realised in its expanse and emulated again later during ‘Open Mind.’

Despite an unfortunate few phrases that deem the overall lyricism slightly underwhelming, Warren Driscoll’s classically inclined vocals are an effective addition. Layered harmonies sustained throughout ‘Purple and Black’ are particularly elevating, drawn out by instrumentation as it compliments Driscoll’s single melody with a wordless choral refrain. This composition is perhaps their finest, removing the four-piece from shallow waters through a likable melancholic arrangement.

The consistency of drummer Kenric Potter’s cymbal patter, or lead guitarist’s Jared Murphy’s technicality, are factors of consistency that often determine one’s individuality from another. Mobbing Bali acknowledges this skill through the potential growth they definitively secure across this EP. There’s an uncomplicated nature to their sound that remains distinctly theirs, subsequently crafting a sense of keen anticipation for what’s next.

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Listen to “Red Bull EP” below.