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The Curious Incident: Get What You Give

Curious Incident’s latest single is a work of unbridled energy.

3 Jul 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Stian Maritz

The Curious Incident’s latest single ‘Get What You Give’ makes a strong impression from the start. Quirky instrumentation and exceptional energy levels drive it from start to finish for a fun-loving but capably performed track.

It’s an uptempo start that opens with whistling, guitar and a little bit of horns with a subversive bass line soon joining in for added funk. It’s a strong beginning, but as the chorus arrives it’s the drumming that busts this track wide open. It’s not just the speed but the force and energy of it that makes it impossible to sit still to. It ploughs ahead like an eight year old on a sugar high in unbridled maddening joy.

Curious Incident retains the setup of guitar, bass and drums at their core. Mellow organ sounds, backing vocals and a myriad of other little additions serve as dressing that evokes mood for a band that describes itself as ‘Pop/Rock with a Caribbean twist’. It’s a decidedly modern pop fusion that manages to create a unique identity. The smooth vocal work tempers the craziness of the rhythms for a balanced final product that is not annoying in its enthusiasm.

‘Get What You Give’ grabs your attention but more importantly it seizes the opportunity well. The track’s overarching playfulness will undoubtedly make a strong impression and have listeners coming back for more.

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Listen to “Get What You Give” below on Deezer.