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Fresh Flex Friday #12

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

7 Jul 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

Themes of collaboration are juxtaposed with feelings of isolation in this weeks offering, such a pertinent yet confusing combination of emotions to tackle but definitely made more interesting when the medium is music. I relate so deeply to a lot of the content shared on today’s feature and its by complete unconscious coincidence that this combination occurred. Listen, take solace, share and enjoy.

Honshu Makimo Mixtape

A sneaky mixtape showcasing the musical diversity of Cape Town based artist James Nevin AKA Honshu Makimo. A journey through reversed sampled boom bap style beats, jazzy guitar and live instrument jam session vibes and dreampop grooving melodies.

Skatta – About You feat Rowlene and Masandi

This young Durban producer popped up on my radar thanks to a trusted resource on my timeline. Modern RnB that could easily be mistaken for the likes of Jhene Aiko, engaging with a sexy groove and harmonious vocals.

Buli – Do You Think About Me

The kid who hates pizza and laments the single life, but he also happens to be one of the most exciting and underrated beat music producers in the country and this latest offering of beat sketches is all the proof you need.

ISUISME – It’s Not Enough

Joshua Grierson has always been a man capable of wearing many coats, his ISUISME coat is Radioheadesque in its organized chaos and is an excursion into his more unconventional writing. The abrupt ending to the track, at its 02:34 length had me feeling like it wasn’t enough – but at least I can have it on repeat.

Sway.Ed – Worth

The frequency and quality of collaborative work amongst live musicians and electronic producers is at an all time high and collectives like this are prolific in their releases, testament to the work they are putting in.

M(x) Blouse – Can’t Walk These Streets

Sandi Blouse is rapidly becoming a poignant voice in the movement for the recognition of intersectional rights and struggles. Their latest offering is a commentary on how there is no safe space for women / femme / LGBTI individuals in modern societal spaces. The beat is produced by Parabyl, one of my “on radar” producers.

Thor Rixon – The Clown

This video, this slice of performance art majesty speaks to me on a deeper level than I expected when I pressed play. Thor Rixon continues to push boundaries and create visually arresting pieces of work that are imbued with emotion.

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