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Fresh Flex Friday #13

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

14 Jul 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

This week’s selection is entirely electronic, comprising a selection of producers who are capitalizing on winter by churning out high quality releases that make us almost forget that it isn’t jol season just yet. The most refreshing element is the distinct styles and stories being delivered by each artist. It’s not always easy standing out amidst the din of formulaic electronic music, and each of these artists successfully makes an impression from the first listen.

Sumo Jac – Huge Katz / Humble Tings

Sumo Jac in beast mode is a thing of beauty to witness. These two tracks released via Cape Club are devastating and honestly some of the best work I’ve heard from Sumo in a minute. Grimey UK bass business so dirty you’re almost embarrassed to be caught deep in the cut.

Kyle Watson feat Apple Gule – Solace

I always wonder what rock I’ve been sleeping under when I hear voices like Apple Gule’s for this first time. And Kyle Watson has paired this track so beautifully with this vocal, I have goosebumps. I think is what the club legends call a “certified banger”.

Vox Portent – Geisha Rokudan

You know a producer isn’t messing around when a track of this calibre didn’t make the cut. Vox Portent has made a second Soundcloud account to host all the tracks that never made it onto his full releases as well as the random productions that don’t find a home.

Card On Spokes – Layers

It takes very little coercion for me to support anything Card On Spokes is involved with, so imagine my delight in finding out that his new track is not just a pearler but is part of a project doing amazing work in support of gender equality and intersectional rights across South Africa.

Xander Ferreira – Silence Seen (Leeu Remix)

It feels like Xander and Leeu were meant for each other. This remix is a serendipitous love affair. I featured the original a few weeks ago and regularly bang on about how formidable Leeu is as a producer. Treat yourself, this release is pure magic.

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