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Fresh Flex Friday #14

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

28 Jul 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

There is a process of healing and comfort that can only be provided by music. If you cannot relate to this notion, I wish upon you the wisdom and opportunity to one day discover it. Whether in finding new gems or revisiting old faithfuls, I am yet to match the euphoria music inspires.

Watermark High – Everything is Grey

A silence has been broken. Hands down the most underappreciated producer in South Africa. My fascination with Watermark High is long suffering and obsessive. Each of his releases feels like a montage of both his and the listeners current state of being, I find the emotional journey both relevant and challenging. A feat I don’t ever need to understand in order to appreciate.

Loui Lvndn – Your Princess Is In Another Castle

Produced by Jumping Back Slash and with a feature from Spoek Mathambo, this album could run the risk of have its character dictated by the heavyweight calibre of these artists. This is very far from the case as Loui Lvndn shines on this album. In fact, the combination of these elements has resulted in the best possible outcome for this body of work.

Rosario, Inami and Jackie Queens – African Woman

Three beautiful voices celebrating the lifeblood of our continent, that’s the positive and reinforcing energy we need right now. Jackie Queens in particular is an empowering figure in the contemporary local music landscape and I hope you are paying attention to her movements.

Zingah – Move! feat Buckz (produced by DJ Maphorisa)

Maphorisa’s name is popping up all over my timeline these days and this new chilled trap beat compliments the hook and flow of the vocalists resulting in a track succinctly reflective of the current state of mainstream beat influenced hip hop.

Broken Transient – Night Riding feat Teh Synes

The combination of 2 of Cape Town’s most distinct underground producers has resulted in a track that captures the mood of the track name. I would have this playing on the radio while driving around the city at night with my windows rolled down, warm summer breeze blowing in my face.

KAJAMA – Lunar Moonlight feat Tribal Rebel Ludi

Can we get all the prayer hand, rainbow and shining star emojis together for this piece of art. I am not attempting to trivialize the brevity of this video, I just need you all the understand how pivotal and amazing the Kajama sisters are and this video is EVERYTHING.