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Pollinator Releases ‘Racehorse’ Video

Fast-paced rock with a stoner edge and a quirky video to boot.

12 Jul 2017 / Opinion / written by Stian Maritz

Pollinator’s latest single ‘Racehorse’ is a manic rock track that blasts from start to finish. Along with a quirky music video it does well in reflecting the band’s personality as playful rockers.

The start is reminiscent of ‘Ace of Spades’ as a muddily-driven electric guitar blasts away on its top string before being joined by equally imposing drums follow. The story that it tells is about the search for meaning for those trapped in predictable or meaningless lives but its delivery is edgy and mischievous.

‘Racehorse’ is also accompanied by a video that reflects their whimsical side. Most of it features the trio chasing bushels of carrots, a statement on the endless pursuit of seemingly unobtainable goals. Long story short they eventually catch them and proceed to eat as messily as possible. It’s a simple, playful concept that works in the DIY context of their overall approach as the video also serves as the announcement of their new album “Fruit”.

It is notable as well that ‘Racehorse’ is recorded in an exceptionally low-fi manner. It’s particularly noticeable in the sizzling sound when cymbals crash and overall compression of the three instruments into one roaring mass of sound. Their previous album ‘Honeyeaters’ had slightly more clarity on this front so we can only guess as to whether this is a conscious creative choice made in order to achieve the desired sound or something else.

As a first single this is a choice that reflects Pollinator’s drive as a band as well as their style. Watch the video below.

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