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Strait-Jackal: The Evidence is Evident

An unprecedented direction of funk, distortion with a hint of Bowie.

13 Jul 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

In anticipation of an upcoming EP by year’s end, Benoni-based funk outfit Strait-Jackal leave all hints of inhibitions and genre ‘guidelines’ behind with their brand-new single. The band’s debut performance at Koppi last year seemed to make a significant influence on their dynamic, seeing that ‘The Evidence is Evident’ crosses divides that their debut album hesitated to. Refreshing.

An expectedly funky albeit impressive melody drives the track forward in a fast-paced, surprising hard rock direction. Throughout, heavy distortion abruptly centers itself in the spotlight – amidst the never-too-old bass slapping and intricate drum lines – and as a result guitarist Clark Fivaz shines.

Accompanying the playful verses and between the dense post-hardcore breakdowns, frontman Joshua Bloxam conveys a tone which resembles late icon David Bowie. Like channelling Ziggy Stardust himself, the call-and response dynamic in the track’s verses highlight Bloxam’s impressive range and reverb-soaked suave.

With an imminent Durban Tour with Scarlotte Will, Stones & Gold and Mouse at the end of the month, Strait-Jackal might just be ones to keep your eye on if they can persistently pierce through the saturated industry they’ve found themselves in.

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Listen to ‘The Evidence is Evident’ below on Deezer.