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Diamond Thug: Cosmic Dreamer

A beautifully-woven teaser, not without a healthy dose of reverb.

8 Aug 2017 / Opinion / written by Timothy Kohler

Occasionally, we all seek out some sort of escapism from our daily, perhaps mundane routines. From a casual daydream to a random scroll through an updated newsfeed, futile breaks like these are necessary. Be it procrastination or reflection, Diamond Thug’s new single focuses on this particularly gripping force, and the journey from “reality to surreality”.

“’Cosmic Dreamer’ speaks to the expedition of a traveler yearning to drift out of the space they occupy,” expresses frontwoman Chantel Van T. “An external force grips them, pulling them beyond the realm of their experience, giving them a taste of a new expansive, exciting and awakening orbit.”

Serving as the band’s second single leading up to their debut album set for release in early 2018, ‘Cosmic Dreamer’ was initially released as a live Balcony TV session in France roughly one year ago. After heading to Converse’s Music Global Takeover as well as SXSW earlier this year, Diamond Thug has recently been receiving a well-deserved amount of international acclaim.

Set in a similar realm as previous single ‘Eclipsed’, ‘Cosmic Dreamer’ is eerily set in motion with Van T’s hauntingly spherical vocals over a whimsically-wavy synth accompaniment. Groovy bass and drum lines stay unwaveringly close together, striking a resemblance to some of Cape Town’s Yellow House’s work. Adrian Culhane’s hammer-on-pull-off guitar technique primarily drives the track forward, yielding a piercing but translucent melody before a fast-paced tremelo line beautifully rounds the track up.

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