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Fresh Flex Friday #15

Your weekly dose of must-hear tracks from SA artists.

11 Aug 2017 / Opinion / written by Angela Weickl

Its been a tumultuous week. Politically, socially and emotionally. The driving force behind remaining positive is creativity, embracing it as a release and expressing your current state of emotion through your art and the manner in which is manifests through the people who surround you. Take deep breathes, plug your headphones in and get lost in this week’s playlist.

Maramza – 5 Tiger (Fernando Remix)

When the legends and the new generation meet, magic happens. Fernando’s take on this track embraces the punchy vocal sampling signature sound of Maramza with the smooth grooves we’ve come to appreciate from this young talent.

.Peter $un – .Rose (produced by Oracles)

Oracles popped on my radar last year with his original productions leaking onto everyone’s playlists, Ben has just produced 2 tracks for American rapper Peter Sun (who sounds like a hybrid of Tupac and Chance The Rapper) and this track, Rose, is a wavy treat.

Yum Yuck – Waiting On Love

I’m elated. This synth pop dream of a release is pure perfection and the fact that a local artist of this calibre is set to release a full album via Kitsune just makes me burst with pride. The long wait we have endured for new music from Yum Yuck has been justified by this single alone.

YoungstaCPT – Takkies

If you still cannot see the importance of this artist, I hope you persevere. YoungstaCPT is embracing heritage, nurturing cultural appreciation amongst the POC youth and creating a legacy. All while making dope music and videos too. Long live YoungstaCPT.

SecondNature – Transparent Senses EP

When a genre oversaturates itself due to the sheer amount of new DJs jumping on trends, its refreshing to hear and see local producers making their own killer tunes and this release is a prime example. Melodic but unrelenting, as it should be.

Jon Casey x Holly – Uncharted

Jon Casey, a young and devastating SA producer who is on the cusp of getting the attention he deserves. Holly, a young Portuguese producer who did a mini tour with Chee in SA and the end of 2016 and is currently travelling the world with his music while collaborating with artists his meets on his travels ( more SA collabs to follow). This track is massive and ridiculous, play it loud.