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Memphis May Fire: On Success & Gratitude

Memphis May Fire on playing Warped Tour, felines and being grateful for it all.

23 Aug 2017 / Interview / written by Stian Maritz

American hardore behemoths Memphis May Fire have had South Africa in their sights for a few years now and this September, they’ll be hitting our shores for the first time for Krank’d Up. Frontman Matty Mullins took time out of their hectic tour schedule for a quick chinwag about touring, cats and Doritos ahead of their SA trip.

Stian Maritz: From as early as 2014 you mentioned that you wanted to come to South Africa. What was it about the country that had grabbed your attention?

Matty Mullins: We’ve wanted to perform in SA for 10 years now! It’s amazing to be able to share our live show with fans all over the world. South Africa is one of the few places we haven’t been to yet!

SM: This was your fourth time playing the Vans Warped Tour. Is it one of your favourites to play at and if so, what is it that makes it a special experience?

MM: Warped Tour is one of the best American summer tours for a band like us. It’s amazing to share the stage with such an eclectic group of bands and to play for such a wide variety of people all summer long.

SM: From that tour, which bands did you see that you thought were at the absolute top of their game, live performance or otherwise?

MM: Jule Vera, American Authors, and Save Ferris were some of my favorites!

SM: At one point you had a unique guest, Memphis Meow Fur. Can you tell us about the cat’s origins?

MM: Our manager’s assistant rescued the cat in LAand brought him to our show that night. We decided he should be the band mascot so we named him Memphis Meow Fu [laughs].

SM: I read in an old interview that you and Cory Elder used to be professional taste-testers! Do you ever have moments of surrealism, standing in front of thousands of people on a stage, and think to yourself, “I could just have been tasting Dorito flavours every day, but here I am”?

MM: The word “gratitude” doesn’t even begin to describe it. We love what we do and we are so thankful for the people that support our music. We never take it for granted.

SM: “This Light I Hold” has been getting lots of positive feedback over the last few months. Is there a specific person whose response really meant a lot to you?

MM: The best response we could ever ask for is to see the crowds singing along to the new songs! We are so stoked about how well the new material has been received!

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