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M(x)Blouse: A Fetish Ain’t Love

A pivotal rap song breaking the hyper-masculine boundaries of the genre.

8 Aug 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Tackling the curiously sensitive subject of a failing interracial relationship, Sandiso Ngubane, under the non-binary moniker of M(x)Blouse, has dropped a brand new track ‘A Fetish Ain’t Love’.

In the wake of the release of his debut EP “Believe The Bloom”, this song takes a step away from the boom-bap rap tendencies they explored in previous work and embraces a subtler sound.

A percussive, almost disconnected rhythm creates the springboard of the track, while a heavy synth beat kicks in simultaneously with the vocals. In his personal perusal of the gender-neural approach to rap music, the verses are languid and conversational – neither spoken word nor quite the generic gritty, spitting quality of the male-saturated genre. Blatantly unpacking the disintegration of a relationship, they explore, in candid conversation, the cultural and emotional boundaries so often met with both interracial and queer relationships.

“In your community would you rather stand up for me/ or would you diss me/ […] would your daddy even look at me?” they ask with a frankness which burns, as liquid heavy synths spill over the track to almost drown out the vocals.

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Listen to ‘A Fetish Ain’t Love’ below.