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MyMyMy Release ‘Strange Place’ Video

Bilingual synth pop with a breezy aesthetic.

14 Aug 2017 / / written by Tecla Ciolfi

“Someone fiddles with knobs and keys. Someone’s lips part seductively. Amazing sounds follow.” You’d be forgiven for thinking this was the introduction to some kind of Mills & Boon-type novel. You’d be wrong. This is how bilingual synth pop duo MyMyMy describe what the do.

The music that Jana Oosthuizen (vox) and Conrad van Breda (keys) make attempts to go further than simply selecting good samples, layering and mixing – their aim is to stir something in you. Just like the protagonist (played by Dino Ma Makoni) in their new music video for ‘Strange Place’, their music is made for skipping down deserted cul-de-sacs or swaying beneath the warm-coloured neon lights of the club.

Directed and produced by Pieter Seyffert and Conrad van Breda, this video is a feel good expression of the tinkling synth melodies which MyMyMy create. Watch the video below.