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One Eight Seven Release Dragon’s Blood Video

A reliably chaotic new single from the anarchy-loving foursome.

11 Aug 2017 / / written by TATC Staff

‘Dragon’s Blood’ is the first single from local hardcore punk outfit One Eight Seven from their upcoming second EP by the same name. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from the troublemakers with a few changes thrown in.

One Eight Seven is deeply committed to hardcore punk and this release is no exception. The guitar and bass are never without a bit of grit while new drummer Morgan O’Kennedy takes the reins with no difficulty as he chugs along. Kyle Lucky’s vocals show a slight shift in style here. Instead of that raspy baritone he’s favoured previously, he makes greater use of his higher register and thanks to a bit of double-tracking, the sound nods distinctively to The Offspring’s Dexter Holland.

The video has the grainy effect of a VHS tape all over it, and since it’s all shot in a handheld style this looks sort of like a home video. Most of it is a chaotic montage of punk culture. You’ll see leather, piercings, playful fisticuffs and… wait… was that a testicle? I’m not going back to look again but feel free to see for yourselves.

‘Dragon’s Blood’ captures One Eight Seven in their natural habitat. It’s punk and anarchy as a lifestyle and works brilliantly thanks to the style of video and solid lineup of musicians. Watch the video below.

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