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Rowan Stuart Releases ‘Castle Beach’ Video

A sentimental reminiscence of love and its dilemmas.

2 Aug 2017 / / written by Elmarie Kruger

Singer-songwriter Rowan Stuart defines his sound as folk-meets-pop. Stuart’s newest single, ‘Castle Beach’, is a track that leans more towards the pop side of things with its moderate pace and subdued melodic structure.

The video begins with a couple observing a painting of a picturesque beach. It is then as if the two disappear into the painting itself, frolicking on the sand and among the crashing waves. The love story that unfolds in this pastoral setting mirrors the story told by the lyrics of the track.

A mixture of still photos and video are used to give the video a more dynamic feel. The video as directed by Stuart himself, and also includes shots of Stuart performing the track as well as drone shots of the ocean. The track itself is tame and reserved both lyrically and melodically. It offers an enduring chorus hidden amidst a tune that is unremitting and cloying at times.

With a busy touring and recording schedule, Stuart is an obvious hard worker and the lulled atmosphere of his music is sure to appeal to lovers of more laid-back pop.

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