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Shortstraw Release ‘Eventually’ Video

A fondly reminiscent look back on the indie-rockers’ career thus far.

7 Aug 2017 / / written by Skye Mallac

Wrapping up the year-long journey which they undertook to launch “Those Meddling Kids”, Shortstraw has dropped their 12th and final track of the collective: ‘Eventually’. In this unique release of the project, the band’s aim was to provide full focus on each track of the album, with every song individually being accompanied by a collaborative music video and visual artwork courtesy of a different artist.

With an apt dose of happy sentimentality, the video for ‘Eventually’ is a reminiscent ode to the band’s years on the scene. In a collection of randomised clips it revisits pivotal performances, international tours, and general shenanigans courtesy of a bunch of boys doing what they love. From Euro-tripping to Japanese tours, tiny foundational performances to sold-out Kirstenbosch shows, Shortstraw offer up a poignant yet delightful slice of their journey thus far.

The song itself masks its serious underpinnings with endlessly cheerful, jangling indie melody and equally playful prose. Laudo Liebenberg (aKING) slips into the picture briefly to deliver a burning verse or two before disappearing again – only to resurface and inject a couple of harmonies in conclusion.

Thematically the song explores life and death – a tribute once again to Alastair’s beloved dog Bowsie – and the insignificance of the small ups and downs in the grand scheme of life. “You know it’s only a matter of time/ eventually we’ll all die,” Alastiar sings and you can’t help but wonder if, after a video like this, the end for Shortstraw is near. Regardless, its been on hell of a run. Watch the video below.

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