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Zubz & Lavabeast: Wav_One

A serendipitous collaboration in unfamiliar territories.

2 Aug 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Timothy Kohler

Peach van Pletzen (Bittereinder, Van Pletzen) is an artist that continues to surprise and impress the industry that surrounds him. Through consistently aligning himself with new aliases of various styles, van Pletzen is somewhat difficult to put your finger on. In this collaborative 2-track project, the multi-instrumentalist has joined forces with the prestigious local hip-hop heavyweight Zubz, The Last Letta.

Van Pletzen’s Lavabeast moniker is used for his specific collaborations with rappers, yielding an entirely neutral space for new endeavours. “I wanted a space where I could be totally free from any preconceptions and Lavabeast is that space,” admits van Pletzen. The artist’s effort with Zubz was also almost completely serendipitous. “I have had the chance to be around Peach and his work a few years ago and remember vowing to myself that no matter what the future held, I’d work with him,” expresses Zubz. “That future is now. He’s a sonic genius.”

After enduring an absence from music, Zubz confessed that the direction of this project is exactly what he’s interested in saying, “I never stopped making music, I just haven’t been interested in doing it in the same way that I had done it back in the day.” A sound distinct from both artists’ other projects, I don’t believe either expected such a profound result.

Spherical ‘First Contact’ encompasses piercing, futuristic synths amidst crisp claps and tastefully-dense bass lines. Flowing from a playful to an aggressively-confident vocal style, the track serves as an introduction to the duo’s venture. “I like the title because not only is it the result of the first collaboration between Zubz and myself,” says van Pletzen, “It will also be the first thing that people hear so it truly is first contact for everyone involved; artist and listener.”

A bouncy, beguiling atmosphere coincides exceptionally well with the linear beat in ‘Buy. Spend. Take.’. Lyrically, the track is centred around criticism on consumer culture and the rigorous Western daily routine. Perhaps commentary on humanity’s efforts to fill something which we all feel we’re lacking? “A lack that we try, to no avail, to fill with physical things,” Zubz ends off.

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