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Briqueville Release ‘AKTE VI’ Video

PREMIER: Briqueville conjure impending doom with their latest video.

14 Sep 2017 / Opinion / written by Stian Maritz

With ‘AKTE VI’ coming in at 11 and a half minutes, Briqueville cast their instrumental narrative across a massive arc. There’s plenty of room for ambience and overdrive. Straighforward rock riff work is seasoned with effect-heavy lead guitar and a choice of minor, more exotic scales that keeps the ear fascinated. There’s no surplus of aggression but rather an emerging feeling of unrest. The effect is both harrowing and bleak, but done artfully.

The heavier latter section is propelled forward by the distorted sound of occult chanting that enforces those feelings of unrest. By the end clanging bells and massive distortion give a feeling of relative resolution, a release of all that pent up energy the spent time building.

Briquevilles’s music speaks most through anticipation and looming threat and the accompanying video further emphasizes that, building to stratospheric levels of tension. It’s a stark portrayal of a haggard old man’s tortured existence as a bleak palette of monochrome paints scenes of joyless routine. Eating in particular is done with no pleasure whatsoever, the actions of someone who is clearly haunted. The only other character is a faceless visitor appears to sit across from him, motionless with a bag over its head.

As things progress a glimmer of hope shines through when the protagonist manages to leave his home, find the bag with no one in sight and burn it. This is dispelled soon after with the ending as the unseen figure sneaks up on him and places an identical bag over his head, creating a confused cycle from which the character clearly will never escape.

For Briqueville’s ‘AKTE VI’ the journey is slow but undeniably effective. The song and video are deft in their destructive grind, like an inevitable doom drawing slowly closer. For fans of instrumental metal and doom, it’s the whole package. Watch the video below.

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