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Caelo: Visions

Self-actualisation explored in four gritty yet polished tracks.

7 Sep 2017 / Opinion, Review / written by Skye Mallac

Cape Town hailing three-piece Caelo are carving out a distinctive little niche for themselve as Joel Bronner, Mike Dickens and Mat Winfield navigate light-toned nuances with a hearty dose of vibrant grunge aesthetics in their latest EP “Visions”.

A flat-line three-chord electric guitar progression lays the foundation for the title track. Bare-boned vocals slip into play as the misleadingly ballad-esque initial half of the song unfolds. Acapella inspired vocal sways and rhythms slip into the fore and a heady baseline quickly follows suit. “Shut your eyes before you come undone,” Bronner’s silky vocals urge. The mid-point of the track is marked by a frenzied rock riff, which launches the EP into its true depth with sudden, yet not unprecedented, vigour. Vocals roughen and then give way to a frenetic close.

‘Renegade’ kicks the offering into head-banging waters with a grating, fibrillating electro opening. Navigating grungy textures in this powerhouse of a track, unpredictable melody lines rub shoulders with off-kilter vocal rhythm. The five minute track rivetingly gallops to a false close, whereupon a chiming piano progression meanders to the fore after some silence to fill the final 30 seconds.

It’s difficult to quite lay a finger on the thematic subtleties of the EP. The human condition and self-actualisation form a prevailing undercurrent, however, even if the overall significance remains enigmatically unclear.

‘All You Need’ steers the EP towards the pop mentalities which set them apart, with dynamic peaks and falls of energy, while ‘Catacombs ‘ closes the project with an extended riff, laced in staccato tendencies and head-banging manipulation.

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Listen to “Visions” below.